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WELCOME TO  NJ Senior Benefits

A non-profit company assisting seniors and disabled individuals who qualify for government benefits to reduce medication and insurance costs, as well as preserve assets.

Our Mission
Business Research

Our mission is to help seniors and disabled individuals preserve income by finding governmental and state subsidized programs that will help to reduce medical costs, drug costs, living costs, utility costs, and over-expenditure on health and life insurance policies.

Our Services
Helping Hands

Our services include assistance with: Medicare Advantage Programs, Medicare Supplement Programs, Life Insurance Programs, State Pharmaceutical Programs, Energy-Saving Programs, Medicaid/Medicare Programs, Hospital Indemnity Programs, and Senior Room-Sharing Programs. Our primary focus is helping New Jersey residents but we also assist residents in NY,PA,DE, and of course our snowbirds in sunny Florida. 

Medicare Advantage Plans


This is the most common plan.

Medicare Advantage Plans can be attractive, especially when most carriers advertise a $0 premium plan with additional benefits towards dental, vision, and hearing costs.  Many plan benefits change from year to year, and certain plan coverage may increase or decrease, making it a bit confusing and frustrating for those who are not accustomed to change. Medicare Advantage plans are designed to work as a "pay-as-you-go" plan. If you are generally healthy and don't require much medical attention, then it may be the plan for you. However, if you are sickly with ailments and require more frequent visits to the doctor's office or hospital, a Medicare Supplement plan may be the way to go. Either way, we are happy to help inform you on the plans and benefits for Medicare Advantage Plans in your area.




Hospital Indemnity Plan

Hospital Indemnity Plan is a great way to supplement a Medicare Advantage Plan. Most Medicare Advantage plans may seem inexpensive, however, can be very costly if there is a sudden emergency and several overnight stays are needed at a hospital. Some plans may charge the policy holder $200-$800 a night, for up to  6 nights. A Hospital Indemnity Plan can protect a Medicare Advantage Plan member from such a catastrophe!
Hospital Bed
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Medicare Supplement Plan


 Good News! Medicare Supplement Plans are becoming more affordable! These supplement plans allow you to keep your original medicare coverage and supplement the other 20% of your Part A and Part B costs. You pay one monthly premium with no surprises. In addition, you are required to purchase a PART D plan which is an insurance that covers pharmaceutical costs. People who enroll in these plans generally want to feel more "safe than sorry," and want to avoid

unnecessary costs.



Part D Plan
This is a mandatory drug plan that is needed if you decide to stay with original medicare. There is usually a deductible that has to be met before the coverage begins. Book an appointment to find out more.


Pharmacists' hands
Life Insurance Plan
We help families protect their homes and loved ones with Term Life Insurance. We also offer Whole life insurance to cover funeral costs. We also have Life insurance policies that can return all your premiums paid after 20 years, so if you decide not to keep it,  it will serve like a savings plan while protecting your family at the same time.


Dental Insurance and Vision Plan
We help Seniors protect their health and teeth with comprehensive senior dental plans. These plans are designed to help seniors who need more coverage and more invasive treatments with no waiting periods for preventive, basic, or major services. In addition, for a small cost, you can receive additional vision benefits. You can self-enroll or set an appointment today!


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