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Senior share match-up programs bring together home providers that are 55+ with seniors or disabled individuals seeking a place to live. In exchange for providing a private room in their home, home providers receive household assistance or rent from their housemate, or a combination of the two. Participating senior home providers can either own their own home or rent a home from someone else.  Home-sharing meets the needs of many seniors who are on a waiting list for a HUD property or are on a waiting list to a low-income subsidized apartment and simply cannot afford to live under their current living conditions.

The process is simple. Please book a phone appointment to get started. We will match up candidates that would likely make a good fit for each other and conduct a background check on both parties. We facilitate the agreement between the two parties and ask for a minimum donation of $250 from the host once the lease agreement is made.

House Sharing FAQ


Q:Do renters have to pay utilities? A: That depends on the host. Usually utility costs don't surpass 20% of the total bill.

Q: I don't know if I feel comfortable renting a room from someone of the opposite sex. A: All house sharing  candidates will be of the same sex unless specified otherwise.

Q: I am a smoker, can I still move in?

A: Most hosts prefer that smokers smoke outside of their home and discard of butts appropriately.

Q: I just want to do a month to month lease, is that possible?

A: Minimum lease is 6 months, then after that, if your host decides, he/she can continue a month to month lease or a week to week lease with you until you are ready to move out.

Q: Will I get to meet the Host before I move in?

Of course! We recommend you meet with the host at least twice before signing the lease inorder to confirm living arrangements and expectations.

Q: Will I have to share a bathroom?

A: Some hosts might share a bathroom, some will allow you to have your own.Regardless, cleanliness is important. If you having your own bathroom is critical, please state so on your application.

Q: Do I have access to the kitchen?


A: Yes, all renters have access to the kitchen, be mindful of house rules as far as times of use and cleanliness.

Q: Can I have Visitors?

A: Visitation should be limited to two people at a time, at a designated time range. Visitors should be limited to close friends, relatives, social workers, medical staff, etc. You should be mindful that the host might not feel comfortable having strangers in the house. This should be specified in the lease agreement.

Q:Can I have overnight guests?

A: Most hosts will not allow overnight guests unless there is an unexpected emergency. This also should be stated in the lease agreement.

Q: Can I have a pet?

A: Again, this will depend on the host. Some hosts have pets and wouldn't mind a small dog or cat, as long as you clean up after your pet. Some owners refuse to have animals in their homes. This should also be mentioned in the lease agreement.

Q: Do I have to furnish my room?

A: This is also another critical question that should be transparent to both parties in the lease agreement. Some owners prefer that you use the bed and furniture in the bedroom. Some hosts may not be comfortable with renters bringing in outside furniture since they may have fears of bedbugs, and other unwanted critters that can infest their house. If a renter can provide the host the opportunity to inspect his/her furniture, or simply buy it new, then there shouldn't be a problem.

Q: What about if I want to terminate my lease early?

A: You are responsible for the rent payments of the initial 6 months that you signed an agreement for unless the host violates the lease agreement by not conforming to the stipulations. 

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